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Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

At Granted Recovery, we understand that addiction is not simply chemical dependence, but rather a coping mechanism for factors easily overshadowed by the destructive force that is active addiction. 


Unfortunately, the symptoms of addiction too often create the illusion that a one-size-fits-all approach is indicated, favored, or both.


We believe that engaging with and relating to peers in recovery is essential, yet we are equally committed to supporting the individuality so integral to the authentic pursuit of self-acceptance and healing.

Deeply personal, each journey to recovery requires that one come face-to-face with the root of their pain, while trusting that there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is at this point that multi-layered recovery support becomes essential. 


Our Services

  • Developing comprehensive, collaborative and holistic recovery wellness plans

  • Coordinating access to high-quality and accessible clinical services (if indicated)

  • Integration or re-integration into a solid and supportive sober community

  • Sober companionship and support for major events

  • Recovery support essential for the safe and sober navigation of events at which triggers will likely be present, including:

    • Weddings; Showers; Reunions; Funerals, and other emotionally charged gatherings.

  • Live-in services for, but not limited to:

    • Surgical Procedures for which addictive prescription medication is typically indicated or required

    • Supportive companionship for individuals awaiting detox and treatment

    • Layover periods from one recovery facility to the next

    • 24/7 Support for individuals experiencing grief & loss

      • Loss of a loved one

      • Loss of a pet

      • Separations, break-ups, divorces

  • Transportation to and from treatment

  • Transportation while in treatment (ex: touring prospective sober living facilities, critical court appearances, etc.)

  • Weekly drug and alcohol testing and monitoring

  • Recovery placement services

  • Interventions: Family-focused, strength-based planning and facilitation

  • Energy work and coordination of other health & wellness services

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